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105 年 - 2016彰化縣縣立大同國中九年級105 上學期英文第三次段考(期末考)康軒#65355 

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1.11. You can look the new word up in the ________.
(A) chalk
(B) notebook
(C) dictionary
(D) plate

2.12. Andy must ________ many difficult problems.
(A) hit bottom
(B) deal with
(C) pull
(D) copy

3.13. Jeff went to the _______ and sent a letter to Santa yesterday.
(A) bakery
(B) police station
(C) dining room
(D) post office

4.14. The Lin family will go on a(n) _______ in the park this Sunday.
(A) picnic
(B) essential oil
(C) energy
(D) pleasure

5.15. The restaurant is famous for its special ________, not its food.
(A) speaker
(B) hobby
(C) mailman
(D) design

6.16. Three _______ of the lawyers in this office are men.
(A) dozens
(B) quarters
(C) seesaws
(D) straws

7.17. Gary _______ the sentences after the teacher.
(A) filled
(B) rose above
(C) lit up
(D) repeated

8.18. People enjoy eating hot _____ in cold days.
(A) pots
(B) electricity
(C) resources
(D) rocks

9.19. The girl fell down, but she didn’t cry ______ she saw her mom.
(A) if
(B) that
(C) until
(D) which

10.20. The dolls _______ Gina gave her daughter are unusual.
(A) to that
(B) who
(C) which
(D) for whom

11.21. That reporter _____ a white shirt has interviewed the superstar many times.
(A) who with
(B) that wear
(C) in
(D) whose

12.22. Peter has learned to play ______ recorder for half a year, but he still can’t play it well.
(A) the
(B) ╳
(C) with
(D) a

13.23. My boss used to ______.
(A) turning off the lights before leaving
(B) prayed in the church on Sunday
(C) being a great leader
(D) take the stairs to the office on the fifth floor

14.24. The prince and the princess live in that castle ____ garden is big.
(A) where
(B) which
(C) that
(D) whose

15.25. A: Is there _______ about Huang-chi Xiao? B:Yes. He was born blind, but he has a wonderful voice.
(A) special anything
(B) anything special
(C) special nothing
(D) nothing special

16.26. This is the sofa ____ Jo wants to buy.
(B) what
(C) it
(D) who

17.27. Which sentence is correct?
(A) The girl and the dog who are playing with a ball are happy.
(B) The taxi driver is a person doesn’t like to fight with people.
(C) Do you know the foreigner with big eyes and long hair?
(D) It is the only square table that made in Europe.

18.28. A: What happened? You look sad. B: ___________
(A) You are the apple of my eye.
(B) This isn’t good for you.
(C) Hurry and wash up.
(D) I’m so tired and never get a break.

19.29. A: Give me an example of being eco-friendly? B: _________
(A) It’s a win-win way to go.
(B) Here, pick one.
(C) People go to work on foot or by bus.
(D) Go ahead.

20.30. Jay: Who is your No.1 idol? Jolin:___________
(A) I love everything about him from head to toe.
(B) Nick Vujicic. He is a man with a big heart.
(C) Lady Gaga and I have one thing in common.
(D) He is a nobody. He has to face all types of problems in life.

21.重新載圖五、題組 (40%)
Ben: Why was the activity center 31. people today? 
Joy: Because there is a music competition this week. Do you notice 32. they are from different schools? The twins that 33. drums with themselves and the girl 34. my teacher is talking to are my cousins. 
Ben: They look so confident! 
Joy: If they 35. , they will join the national competition. 
Ben: Wow! So cool! I think music can help us 36. . Take me for example. When I feel like a volcano, I will listen to the songs with good melody. They make me 37. and find peace. 
Joy: I’ve watched the news about this on TV. It 38. “Sound Therapies”. We can use music to make ourselves relaxed and comfortable. We can get healthier because of good mood. 
Ben: Music is really the best medicine.

(A) full with
(B) filled with
(C) dealt with
(D) given up

(A) that
(B) where
(C) who
(D) which 

(A) is carrying
(B) carried
(C) carry
(D) will carry

(A) who
(B) whose
(C) whether
(D) which

(A) win
(B) will win
(C) won
(D) winning

(A) make straw toys
(B) plant a seed
(C) control our emotions
(D) sort the garbage

(A) pin down
(B) cool down
(C) let down
(D) stressed out

(A) is called
(B) is calling
(C) calls
(D) will be called

29.【B】(May and Sam are talking about the newest Adidas ad.) 
May: Plastic is really useful, but when we dump(丟棄) it, it doesn’t go away. Now one truck of it ends up in our oceans every minute. It’s killing sea life. The fish eat the trash; then we eat the fish. We’re feeding ourselves our own garbage. Now it is in our blood streams (血流). It’s so bad for health. 
Sam: Luckily, in 2015, Adidas got it out of the ocean and reused it. They made a sports shoe out of it, one kind of “green” materials (材料), which are good for the nature. 
May: Adidas said that was just the start. They hoped more green materials could be used in the future. Sam: That’s great! By doing so, not only more sea life but our earth will be saved. People still can live a comfortable life. 
May: Maybe all the other companies(公司) should follow Adidas’ example and try to make it their habit.

【題組】39. What is it in this dialogue?
(A) Making shoes.
(B) The ad.
(C) Going green.
(D) Plastic.

30.【題組】40. What was the sports shoe made from?
(A) Sunlight.
(B) Waste water.
(C) Gas.
(D) Recycled plastic.

31.【題組】41. Why did Adidas make that kind of sports shoes?
(A) To be successful.
(B) To make money.
(C)To feed fish.
(D) To set a good example and help save the earth.

32.【題組】42. Which is not true according to (根據)the dialogue?
(A) Adidas used eco-friendly materials to make shoes.
(B) The shoe was made from plastic with green colors.
(C) People should use less plastic.
(D) By reducing the use of plastic, we can become healthier.

33.【C】A little girl made a difference in the world. She is Katherine. In 2006,when she was five, she saw a video about Africa on TV. It showed a kid would be killed by malaria(瘧疾) every 30 seconds. She asked her mom why there was malaria in Africa and why the people there didn’t use mosquito(蚊子) nets to protect themselves. She was told they didn’t have money to buy one
She decided to help the kids. She sold her used clothes and toys, saved the money, and bought a net to send to Africa. When she knew a net only could help six kids, she invited her neighbors to join her. She also gave speeches in churches to raise money. However, the money was still not enough. She came up with an idea to write a letter to Bill Gates. The letter said, “Dear Mr. Bill Gates, Without nets, the kids in Africa would die. They need money. But people tell me that you have all the money.” After reading the letter, Bill Gates donated $3,000,000 and helped have a video shot(拍攝) to raise more money. So far, Katherine has saved two million lives. Now a place in Africa is called “Katherine Net Village” because the kids in that village write “Katherine” on the nets to show their thanks to her.

【題組】43.What does the word one mean?
(A) A place.
(B) A letter.
(C) A net.
(D) A video.

34.【題組】44.How many kids in Africa would die of malaria in an hour?
(A) Five.
(B) Six.
(C) Thirty.
(D) One hundred and twenty.

35.【題組】45.What didn’t Katherine do to help those African kids?
(A) Selling her old clothes and toys to buy a net.
(B) Giving speeches to collect money.
(C) Writing her own name on the nets.
(D) Asking Bill Gates for money by sending him a letter.

36.【題組】46.Which is true about Katherine?
(A) The kids in Africa were killed by her.
(B) She wrote a letter to Bill Gates to thank him.
(C) She spent $3,000,000 buying a village.
(D) She is sixteen years old this year.

37.重新載圖【D】Are you looking for somewhere to spend the weekend? 
You don’t have to go abroad. 
Baiguo Mountain Explore Paradise (探索樂園) is your best choice! phpKlu2qs

【題組】47. On January 30, Brian will go there with his wife and his four-year-old kid. How much will he have to pay for the tickets?
(A) One thousand and fifty dollars.
(B) Nothing.
(C) Nine hundred and eighty dollars.
(D) Nine hundred dollars.


48.Brian likes the dinosaur which has wings and can fly in the sky. What may it look like?

(A) php0ixhQa
(B) phpU1ZhtS
(C) php9rTUM1
(D) phpbCLAOd

39.【題組】49. Thirty students will go there on January 27. Which is true?
(A) Brian can have pizza and coke in Area B.
(B) Jack is able to play on the slide in Area C.
(C) Peggy has to spend $280 buying a ticket.
(D) Ted will be bitten by dinosaurs in Area D.

40.【題組】50. Who may have fun in this Explore Paradise?
(A) Terry. He is a student who is afraid of dinosaurs.
(B) Jason. He enjoys having a barbecue.
(C) Betty. She likes to fly a kite.
(D) Kelly. She is a girl that wants to fly a plane.